75 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Food Lovers in Your Life!

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Cinnamon Stand Mixer

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Now that we have only a few weeks left until Christmas and Hanukkah, my mind turns to the gifts I want to give to my family and friends. Hundreds of ideas are swirling around in there, a few sticking immediately, and others slipping right back out. With excitement and a bit of trepidation I head to the stores and browse the Internet for additional possibilities, knowing I will find exactly the right gift for everyone.

If you have food lovers, cooks, or bakers on your list and are unsure of what they would like, here are a slew of gift ideas to spark your imagination. I personally own most of these items and can vouch for their usefulness in the kitchen and durability. I have included a wide price range so you can find stocking stuffers as well as big-ticket items. There is something for everyone here!

Glass Cake Dome

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If your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or family members never seem to get you what you want, you can print out this list, highlight the items you would love to have, and leave it in a conspicuous spot for them to find. Or just hand it to them if they need a bit more encouragement, LOL.

And if you have any questions or need more personalized help, leave a comment and I will be happy to assist you. This makes my day, so ask away!!

And now, without further ado, browse the list and find the perfect gifts for your loved ones or yourself!

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For the baker’s in your life, these items are a must-have to create those mouth-watering desserts and Chocolate Monday treats! If you have been begging for some homemade cookies or cakes, giving these gifts along with a suggested list of recipes may just get you the sweets you crave 😉

9×13-inch Baking pan – you will use this for everything
Bakeware Set – a great starter set
Baking Sheets – these come in handy for lots of uses
Bench Scraper – more useful than you would imagine
Cake Stand with Domed Lid – makes any cake gorgeous
Fluted Non-stick Tart Pan with Removable Bottom
Mini Muffin Tins – non stick – for appetizer or bite-sized treats
Muffin Tins – perfect for muffins or cupcakes
Parchment Paper Sheets (to fit half-sheet baking pans)
Pie Plate – Aluminum Commercial grade
Pie Plate – Ceramic – beautiful and functional
Pie Plate – Glass – easily see when crusts are done
Rolling Pin – a heavy one does half the work for you
Round Cake Pans – choose sizes (buy in pairs)
Silicone Baking Mats – Nothing stick to them
Wire Cooling Racks – eat those cookies faster!
Wire Mesh Strainer Baskets (Set of 3)
Green Dutch Oven - 1 of 75 gifts for food lovers

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Figuring out what to make for dinner each night can be a real chore, but if you have beautiful quality equipment to work with, you can turn it into a joyful experience. I cannot imagine trying to make Thanksgiving or holiday dinners without these tools. Adding them to your arsenal will have you turning out professional-quality feasts!

Casseroles – perfect for comforting meals
Cast Iron Skillet – the most even cooking possible
Dutch Oven – a true workhorse
Griddle – makes perfect grilled cheese and pancakes
Grill Pan for the Stovetop – a nice alternative to the bbq
Locking Tongs – incredibly versatile tool
Set of Nonstick Pots and Pans – easy cooking & cleanup
Set of Stainless Steel Pots and Pans – beautiful & functional
Roasting Pan with a V-Rack and Turkey Lifters
Skillet Set (12 & 10-inch, non-stick) – my favorites
Stockpot with Inserts – soups and pasta were never easier
one of 75 gifts for food lovers

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Cutlery and Accessories

There is little else that will make a bigger difference to a cook than having quality knives to work with. They are expensive, but will last a lifetime or more and can be passed down to the next generation. I consider each of my knives an investment and have many different makers. The most important thing about buying a knife is how it feels in your hand. I have small hands so some knife handles are just too big and don’t feel comfortable.

German knives tend to be heavier with thicker blades making them perfect for cutting through bones and large cuts of meat. Japanese knives are usually lighter weight and have thinner blades making them excellent for finesse cutting and slicing.

Ceramic Knives – my new favorites
Cutting Board – channel for juices when carving roasts
Cutting Boards, set of 3 sizes
Diamond Sharpening Steel – for use with ceramic knives
Kitchen Shears – cut anything, even break down a chicken
Knife Block – to keep knives safe and sharp
Knife Sharpening Steel – for use with metal knives
Kitchen Knives – a chef’s favorite tool

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Gadgets, Utensils and Accessories

This is where you will find perfect stocking stuffers and items sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. They may not cost as much, but are an incredibly important part of my tool set. Having the right spoon or spatula available makes my work much more efficient and reduces my stress. I have a ton of spoons, spatulas and other implements and use them all.

A chef’s coat may seem like an extravagance, but the long sleeves protect your arms from burns and the cotton material is easy to bleach away any stains. Oven mitts also protect your hands and forearms – especially important with baking and grilling. If you are baking gluten-free, having a kitchen scale will make our life much easier and more accurate.

Apron – look like a pro and stay clean
BBQ Grilling Wok/Basket – for small items on the grill
BBQ Tools – makes it easy to move your food around the grill
Cookbook Holder – keeps your book or iPad handy and clean
Flat Whisk – especially good for gravies and sauces
Glass Storage Jar – holds an entire bag of flour, sugar or cookies
Grill Brush – keep your barbecue spick and span
Ice Cream/Cookie Dough Scoop – easy portioning
Jar Pop Openers – the best way to break a jar’s vacuum
Kitchen Triple Timer – time up to 3 foods at once
Measuring Cups (dry) and Spoons – essential tools
Microplane Graters­ – come in a variety of styles
Offset Spatula Set – 3 sizes for perfectly frosted cakes
Oven Mitts (Flame Retardant) – keep your hands safe
OXO Smooth Edge Can Opener – no more sharp edges
Pastry Brush – brush on butter, bbq sauce, remove flour, & more
Pizza Screen – crispy crusts are guaranteed!
Rubber Jar Opener – I can open any jar with these!
Silicone Spatula Set; 7-piece – just right for every situation
Silicone Whisks (set of 3) – perfect for non-stick pans
Thermapen – worth its weight in gold
V-Etched Graters – choose fineness for a variety of tasks
Whisks (set of 3) – different sizes for different tasks
White Chefs Coat – protects your clothes & arms from burns
Wooden Spoons – can’t imagine cooking without these

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Small Appliances

Just like a carpenter needs specialty tools to do his job, a cook needs to have appliances to help with a myriad of tasks. Depending on your cooking style, these can be used daily for years to come and make any job more expedient and pleasurable. Each of these is an investment in my happiness and contentment!

3-in-1 Slow Cooker – brown/sauté, steam & slow cook!
Blender – perfect for making smoothies and cocktails
Food Processor – makes slicing and chopping a breeze
Handheld Mixer – for fast, small jobs
Immersion Blender – incredible for pureeing soups
Kitchen Scale, Retro Style – especially important for GF
Rice Cooker – walk away and forget it
Smoker/Roaster – incredible flavor without fuss
Stand Mixer – essential for the bakers!
Toaster – 4-slice – just right for big families

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Tableware / Decorative Items

Set the perfect holiday table and show off your fabulous meals with these classic white dishes that go from the freezer to the oven. You will see them often featured in my photographs on The Heritage Cook. Opening a bottle of wine is a snap with a rabbit; anyone can do it with no spillage or broken corks. And you won’t have to worry about which wine goes in which glass with this collection. Place these votive candleholders on your table and make everything seem more special – your table is a party just waiting to happen!!

Classic White Dinnerware – shows off the food perfectly
Rabbit Wine bottle opener – nothing works better
Silver Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holders – stunning at night
Wine Glass Set – good for both red and white wines

I hope you have enjoyed wandering through these amazing products. Keep your eyes open for my upcoming list of favorite cookbooks, always appreciated by the cooks in your home!!

Happy Festive Friday – have a fabulous weekend!!

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