Working Together

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Working with The Heritage Cook


  • Would you like to share a food memory or special recipe? Do you want to pass along a family tradition? Consider sending your story to me for possible inclusion in a future post.

I love to work with others to share cooking traditions and family recipes. If you have a story and/or recipe you would like me to consider as the base for a future post on The Heritage Cook please send it to me here: theheritagecook (at) comcast (dot) net. In addition, I will need the following:

- Attribution for any recipe (did you create it, where did you find it, who’s recipe is it, etc.)

- Your biography … this doesn’t have to be extensive, just interesting facts, how did you start cooking, where you get your passion, who inspires you, etc.

- Photograph of you – I can also use your image from Facebook

- Photographs of the people mentioned in your article. This is not required but definitely makes the article better, more personal, and more fun.

- Your photographs of the recipes – also optional, but always fun to see!


An Italian Feast

Who Loves Fried Risotto? It is Arancini Day at The Heritage Cook

Roast Pork Loin with Caraway Seeds & Tempranillo Wine



  • Do you have a book, product or restaurant you would like me to review?

I enjoy writing book and restaurant reviews and doing product evaluations. You are welcome to send me items, but I cannot guarantee when I will be able to write a review/post about them. It may take me awhile to get a post written, but you can count on me to always be honest. Contact me at theheritagecook (at) comcast (dot) net for a shipping address.


            Potato & Onion Tortilla

            “Unquenchable,” Dry Riesling and Turkey/Squash Casserole for Winesday

            Chocolate-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes



  • Do you want to help promoting your city or business?

If you are hosting a blogger’s group on a food tour, let me know. If my calendar isn’t booked, I would love to join you. My focus is always on local, organic, humanely raised, sustainable, etc. I love to discover the places that only locals know about. If your city or product really impresses me, I will refer to it in posts, tweets, and Facebook statuses and may even develop a recipe to showcase some aspect.


            A Supper to Celebrate California Olive Oils

            The Chefs of Ohio & 5 of their Recipes

            Chocolate Bites with Middle West’s Vodka



  • Do you need a food writer or editor for your upcoming project?

I am available to develop recipes, write articles and reviews, conduct copy editing or proofreading, and perform professional recipe testing for your projects. Please contact me at theheritagecook (at) comcast (dot) net to discuss terms.