As of July 2012 when I was diagnosed with gluten-intolerance, all of the recipes on this website not only include gluten-free options, but the photographs are of my own gluten-free productions. That means that if I can do it, so you can you!

I was devastated when I got my diagnosis and spent the first month just trying to figure out what I could eat. What was a food writer going to do when she could no longer eat most items on restaurant menus? How was I going to continue with Chocolate Mondays when I had heard horror stories of how difficult gluten-free baking was? All I could think of was how hard it was going to be and I fell into a depression.

When I went to the grocery store, formerly one of my favorite pastimes, all I did was cry because the only things I could see were things that I could not have. Our first trip took nearly three hours as The Artist and I went up and down every aisle, trying to find foods that were safe for me. It was also extremely expensive because I bought one of everything I could find to try. Eventually I found the basics that would save me from starving when I needed snacks between meals. It took me a while to restructure my perceptions so that now when I go grocery shopping, I see all the foods I CAN eat!

The biggest challenges were convenience foods that I had depended on for meal preparation. Now I had to do many things completely from scratch. Not that big a stretch for me because I always loved to cook and bake, but still a surprise and an adjustment. For those who have never cooked, it is a huge challenge. I hope that my recipes, directions, hints, tips, and guidance will help you feel more comfortable in the kitchen. You can always leave a comment with questions or email me if you need more help.

Good luck with your diagnosis or life-style change. It really is better on the other side!

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