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A Day at the Fancy Foods Show

Gelato Fiasco's Dark Chocolate Noir Sorbetto; Fancy Foods Show 2015

Amazing sorbettos from Gelato Fiasco of Maine!



Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year – hours spent discovering creative, talented people’s dreams. Twice a year, in San Francisco during the winter and in New York the summer, the Specialty Food Association holds its Fancy Food Shows. This was the 40th annual event and the West Coast’s largest specialty food and beverage trade show.

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Arroz Con Pollo Casserole (Gluten-Free)

Mexican seasoned chicken and rice casserole called Arroz con Pollo; 2015 Jane Bonacci, The Heritage Cook


I’ve been taking a break from the Food Network’s FN Dish weekly posts during the hectic holiday season, but I am happy to be back, stretching my creativity again!

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Paris Tales and Chocolate Pot de Creme (Gluten-Free)

Chocolate Pot de Creme, French chocolate pudding is rich and satisfying; Paris Tales 2015 The Heritage Cook


Chocolate. Pastries. Wine. Art. Cheese. Paris. The Artist and I had talked about visiting Europe for years and it always seemed something that would remain an item on our bucket list. But with a lot of scrimping and saving, and an invitation from friends who live in France, the dream became a reality last fall. But it almost didn’t happen …

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Life Events that Created The Heritage Cook & a Gluten-Free Breakfast

 Perfect for breakfast, brunch or a quick dinner, enjoy this delicious and filling casserole!


Sometimes life and the universe conspire to make things happen, things that at first appear to be catastrophic, but in hindsight turn out to be blessings.

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Avgolemono – Greek Lemon Chicken Soup (Gluten-Free)

 Greek Avgolemono Chicken-Lemon Soup; 2014 Jane Bonacci, The Heritage Cook


Welcome to another edition of Progressive Eats, our virtual version of a progressive dinner party. This month’s theme is Mediterranean Specialties hosted by Megan Myers of Stetted. You’ll love all the recipes from this progressive menu that will be perfect for any time you want to change things up and pretend you are basking in the sun on the Mediterranean Sea! Make sure you check out the links below the recipe.

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